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Smart Power POS GUARDIAN Power Strip

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Point of sale (POS) systems are mission critical equipment for retail and restaurant operations. The inability to complete a customer transaction can lead to lost revenue and more importantly lost customers. POS Guardian offers comprehensive power protection solutions for point of sale (POS) systems. Smart Power Systems' Electronic Power Conditioners protect POS systems and equipment during any potential power problems and eliminate spikes, surges, and line noise.

HIGH VOLTAGE SURGE & LIGHTNING PROTECTION - Stops dangerous surges from damaging your POS terminals and other microprocessor-based electronics.

LOW VOLTAGE SPIKE & NOISE PROTECTION IN COMMON MODE AREA - (US Patent#6229682) Filters down to 0.5 Volts and stops disruptions of electronics.

"POVP™" PROLONGED OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTOR - (US Patent #6560086) Protects connected equipment against destructive over voltage.

IDENTIFIES BAD WIRING - (US Patent #5721661) Exclusive Smart Technology protects connected equipment against reverse polarity or no ground, making the POS Guardian Fail-Safe.

SMART GROUND TECHNOLOGY FOR GROUND LOOP PROTECTION - (Patent Pending) Ground loops can cause data errors, component failures and safety hazards.